Mobile Sports Banana Boat rides are finished for the 2015 season, however, we are still ready to share your vacation moments with you via our photographers from the boat.  One of the biggest assets we have at Mobile Sports is our photography.  Photos make the memory a forever memory.  Click here to see our photographers page.

Banana boat tours in Destin
Our video of the banana boat fun

This is one of those water activities that you will talk about later today, on the way home, at Thanksgiving as you whip out you photos and hopefully, and, if we do our job right, for the rest of your life.

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There are a few reason why we have been rated the top thing to do in Destin.

1.  We use a real speed boat, not a jet ski or a fishing boat.

2.  We are a family.  We understand how to make a memory, and how hard you work just to take this vacation.  We understand the value of a dollar.

3.  Captain Chris is the owner as well as the Captain.  He will personally make sure you are happy and safe

4.  Our photo package blows people away.  We don't give you a card with 20 haphazard photos.  We give a true memory package, edited and prepared each night by Captain Chris.  Again, making sure everything is perfect.

5.  From the first contact, until you laugh with your friends and family at the photos, we will assure you that we are the ones who can offer you a memory of a lifetime.

Mobile Sports Kiodk
Mobile Sports is the Thing to do
Mobile Sports Banana boat rides

Come to our Kiosk, located on the Destin Harbor and be assured you have a team working for you.

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Come see why we have been rated a Top Thing to do for FIVE years in a row now. Solidifying us as a top Destin attraction. Bring your friends or family and take a ride and share a memory with us!

Come enjoy Destin's top water activities all in one place with a company that is dedicated to making an amazing memory with you.

Looking for things to do in Destin for the whole family? Grab your friends and come to the #1  Banana Boat Ride in Destin.  We are the best thing to do with your friends and family while on vacation in Destin and the Emerald Coast of Florida. So Come Ride the Banana!

Sign of Destin Florida and The banana Boat
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Ages 5 and up welcome to ride the banana boat

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Great fun on the banana boat
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Great memories of Destin
Best time in Destin

Each season we receive hundreds of reviews from consumer websites like, Yelp, Google and others.  Our efforts to be the #1 Thing to do in Destin show.  Take a look at a few examples, and read hundreds more on-line.

To[ rated thing to do in Destin
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    314 Harbor Blvd.

    Destin FL. 32541



  • Things to do with Families

    There is no better way to build a memory while on vacation than an hour with us.  We will make the  5 year old giggle, the 16 year old smile,  and the parents and grandparents will be the heros for finding our banana boat.

  •  Things to do with friends


    Its important to be able to share with your friends and family the amazing time you will have with Mobile Sports banana boat rides.  We love to see your photos shared and liked by so many people.  We appreciate the attention and look forward to being social with you in the future.

  • Things to do for businesses

    The best way to elevate your service is to experience amazing service.  Bring your front desk office, your reservation staff, your whole team to ride the banana.

    Mobile Sports is proud to be a part of The Track and Summer Place Inn's  yearly employee party.  From us to you, you guys are a great thing to do in Destin!

  • Be social, It's the thing to do

    Share yout memories and photos to the world.  And, stay updated becuause we are always adapting to the needs of our customers.

We Promise to keep our focus on building a Memory for you, you friends, and you family while on vacation in Destin.  Come Ride the Banana. It's the coolest thing to do in Destin.

Make sure when you make your reservation to book  early in your trip.  This allows us to reschedule due to bad weather and, You will want to come back!

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Question:!

The less you bring the better.  We suggest applying sunscreen prior to arrival.  Otherwise it leads to slippery but on the banana boat.


Q.  What Is a Banana Boat Ride?

A.  A banana boat ride is typically an inflated banana shaped tube pulled by a jet ski.  Our Banana Boat Ride is a so much more than that.  Banana Boating with us means you board a full size speed boat, and by the time you leave the boat, you will have photos, memories, and adventures to tell the rest of your family and friends.

Q.  How long are the Banana Boat trips?

A.  We will be on the water for 45 minutes.  Some of that time is travel time.  We average around 20-30 minutes of being on the Banana Boat.  Typically people are quite tired by that point.

Q.  Are the photos of the Banana Boat Ride worth the money ?

A.  I say yes, of course.  But check out the reviews.  People appreciate them.  If people say they don't want them prior the experience, they typically get them afterwards.  Just experiencing it, they see it is something special.  95% of our banana boat riders purchase the Photo package.  It's just different than the rest.  By different we mean better.


Q.  What is the weather is bad?

A.  The great thing about Banana Boats in Destin is that the water is warm.  So even in the rain, the Banana Boat ride is a blast.  We typically don't cancel.  However, lightning is a no brainier.  Chris doesn't banana boat in the lightning.

Q.  What are the age and weight requirements to ride the Banana boat?

A.  We can take almost any age on a banana boat ride. We prefer 5 and up at least.  Since use a full speed boat, we can make adjustments to who's riding the Banana Boat, who is scared and who would just prefer to ride the trip out in the bow of the boat looking for dolphin.  We are very flexible.  As far as weight is concerned, as long as you can pull yourself out of the water and onto the banana boat, or with little help, you will be OK.

If you don't know by now, Mobile Sports Banana Boat rides are the top rated Thing to Do in Destin.  We don't rent Jet Ski's or cram people onto a Parasail boat and make them watch others have fun.  We have fun together.  You and friends riding the banana boat.  Not you and strangers riding a banana boat.  Our crew is focused on your Destin vacation memory.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  That's why we don't rent pontoon boats or charter fishing trips in Destin.  We simply use a Banana Boat to get about an hour of time with you to pursue our passion.  Making people smile.  Our background is in the Hotel business for many many years.  This business allows me to be unique, dare to be different and see how many people in Destin we can make smile.


We are a Memory Company with a Watersport Fetish.


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