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Flyboard Destin FL

Quick Details

Hour Glass Ride length: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Users Passengers: Individual or group bookings (1-3 people per hour)

Camera Photo package (optional): $45

Clock Arrival: Please arrive 30 minutes before your trip

Checkmark What to Bring: Less is better! Lock personal items in your car; we can hold your keys.

30 Minutes
1 Hour
Groups can be accommodated at $150 hour. Min of two hours. Call for group rates of for more specific information

Try out flyboarding in Destin!

Take a one-hour tour like no other! Come experience what it’s like to fly over the emerald green waters of Destin, FL. Our flyboarding trips offer you a chance to fly and have a blast on the beach.

Our trips consist of a couple flights in order to get you introduced to flyboarding, as well as some time to get good at it before you leave the water. It’s an exhilarating experience!

Things to know:

  • Reservations are guaranteed. Make sure you double check your date and time when booking.
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes early. If we are scheduled at 12 p.m., we want to be pulling away at 12 p.m., not filling out paperwork. Please note that, if you are late, we can’t make up for lost time.
  • The less you bring with you, the better. We highly suggest leaving phones, wallets, etc. locked in you car. We can hold you keys.
  • If you don’t know whether you want the photos prior to the ride, don’t worry. We take them anyway because we know you might want them after we are done with the trip. You can decide after the ride.
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