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Beach Photography and Family Photos

One of the best ways for us to keep your vacation  memories is with photography.

Over the years we have been asked to do casual photo shoots for our customers down along the beach.  Several times we have obliged and ended up with some MEMORABLE photos.  We do not sell this package to non Banana Boat riders!  We found it’s important for you to be comfortable when being photographed.  The time on the boat together helps us get to know you so we can have a very enjoyable photo shoot.

Details & Rates

Photo package is $250 for a photo shoot. About 45 minutes prior and after sunset is the best time.  We will have two photographers there to make sure we don’t miss a moment.  The package includes 100-200 high quality PRINTABLE photos.  They will be edited and posted to a private website for you to view, share or download.  We are happy to charge you extra for prints, but honestly I would rather recommend a printer to you so you can get a much better price on printing.

Please visit for more information.